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Go all one way or go the other…

This is why it does no good to try and discuss abortion with people…

…I agree that the boy should serve 14 years in jail. I have no problem with the sentence because (to me) he murdered his own child. The boy is a murderer.

The problem I have with this is one of inconsistancy. You see if she did this (aborted her own child) it is her choice. If he does this, he goes to jail. That is the law.

The law!!!!

Think about how utterly ridiculous this is. Could someone (anyone) please explain to me the logic behind this because I can’t see it from a legal standpoint. Why is it that any woman can legally do this (pretty much up until the moment before actual birth) but a man goes to jail for 14 years? What in the hell is that?


BitCoin? Really? Well… maybe. That is until the US government passes laws…

Merry Christmas folks. And have a happy and safe New Year’s Eve. Lets hope that 2014 is a better year for all of us.

I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a post on the worthiness of BitCoin. First let me get right out in the open that I have a personal bias here: a very close friend (maybe one of my closest friends) currently makes his living writing software for a company that does business specifically around the concept of BitCoin. I assume he has some personal stake equity in the company for which he now works. Obviously, as I am not an envious person, I want my good friend to make millions and millions of dollars! I hope (for his sake) that BitCoin continues to take off in popularity.

Having given that disclaimer, what exactly is BitCoin? Well it is a crypto-currency (of sorts), just data that is stored in your digital wallet, a huge log file of every transaction of that BitCoin (who had it last and what did they spend this coin on to get and what did they get?) since the time the “coin” was created (mined.)

What is BitCoin?

There will only ever be 21,000,000 of these mined, ever. That’s okay since each one goes to eight decimal places so that brings in over two quadrillion possible units of “currency.” Right now, there are (roughly) 12,000,000 total BitCoins in circulation and the price is highly volatile, fluctuating from a low this year of about $100 to a high of almost $1200 (that was until China basically outlawed it.) It is (as of this writing) at around $640 a BitCoin. By the time you read this post, the “value” could be vastly different.

There is no centralized authority assigning “value” to BitCoin. No nation state backs this as legal tender. It is not a legitimized “currency” the way the US dollar is. It’s only value at $640 a BitCoin (or $800 or $300 or whatever) is based solely on what the Free Market feels each coin is worth, nothing else. In that sense alone, BitCoin is not that much different than gold, a “digital” commodity.

And not every vendor accepts BitCoin as payment. Very few do (almost none.) You have to look around to see who does and who does not and how many BitCoins it costs (or fractions of Coins there-of) to purchase a good or service they are attmpting to vend. And the amount of BitCoins for what they are vending, that changes daily (in some cases, changes minute by minute) given the volatile nature of the “value” of the coin.

That is about as much depth as I would care to get into on BitCoin (for now) from a purely factual, objective, basis. If you are interested to find out more, there are thousands (maybe millions) or articles already written that can fill in the gaps. I’m really not interested into getting into all the technical aspects of BitCoin, nor am I interested in arguing the merits or demerits of it. I’m more interested in arguing what might happen in the United States (from a legal perspective) the more this becomes part of the mainstream. Because the way I look at BitCoin, all I see is something that could cause a lot of people to lose their jobs/businesses since what they do would become obsolete!

Have you ever wired money from a bank to another bank? Pretty much every bank offers this service… for a price. That price could be a flat fee (say $50 or $100 or whatever) or possibly a teeny-tiny percentage of the amount of money being transferred. But it costs something. And for those who don’t have a bank account (for whatever reason) on either the sending or receiving end, you can wire money Western Union style (and this is very expensive.) But you can do it. Those services are available and there is always a price….

…but not with BitCoin. You could (in theory) transfer any amount (in “value”) of BitCoins from one digital wallet to another for virtually anything, anywhere in the world, at anytime (24 hours a day, 365 days a year) and the “value” would be transferred instantly and could have essencially NO vigorish cost to either party. A free transfer of funds, instantly. So much for Western Union. That just went the way of the Buggy Whip and the Pony Express not to mention the entire banking industry having a large portion of its business (wire transfers) instantly rendered obsolete. This costs them alot (billions and billions of dollars lost, a million jobs lost, maybe more) who knows? Well I’m of the opinion that they will not go down without a fight. They will do what every industry that doesn’t create any actual wealth does in order to protect its turf and earning power…

….Rent Seeking legislation.

I expect that in the next 3 or 4 years, if BitCoin continues to grow exponentially in popularity, that our lending institutions/money transfer retailers that transfer money will lobby our Congress to enact laws to stop (at ALL costs) BitCoin in its tracks, by any and all means. They will think of something (anything) to protect themselves, to protect their livelihood that is in jeapordy. And they will have allies in their Rent Seeking scheme. Who are these allies?

Have you ever visited another country? For those who don’t have access to credit cards or a willingness to buy travelers checks, they need to exchange cash. Either before they leave or after they get there, they are taking their money in the currency in which it currently exists and buying another form of currency, the local currency. This is a small form of arbitrage. And whoever you do business with (in exchanging money, yours for theirs) there is a price that must be paid. That is how the money changer makes a living….

…but not with BitCoin. If this “digital asset” becomes a mainstream “currency” that is used around the world, there would be no need for money changers. Afterall, a BitCoin is a BitCoin is a BitCoin for anyone, anywhere, in any nation, for anything. All they (and you) need, is a computer that gives both parties access to the same BitCoins and you can cut whatever deal you want. And everything and anything can be priced in BitCoins.

Yes I sincerely see laws being passed at the Federal level in our country to stop this particularly because those who stand to lose the most from the legitimacy of BitCoin are organized, centralized, powerful, and wealthy. More to the point, there is no centralized authority for them to do battle with in their desire to harm BitCoin. BitCoin is intentionally meant to BE de-centralized. For those who adore BitCoin and want it to “change” the world, there will be no one to speak out for “our side.” There will be no organized BitCoin “lobby” to run to Congress to battle the forces of the financial industry. So I think it is just a matter of time before they get around to regulating/criminalizing BitCoin. The real question then is, how will that change things and how long will it take for those Rent Seeking laws to be removed/de-regulated?


Megan McArdle says why it needs to keep growing…

So the network has to get a lot bigger before it will have reached critical mass. As I said yesterday, I think Bitcoin’s problems get even larger if it does reach critical mass, because governments will step in to kill or co-opt it. But that’s a post for another day. Right now, I just wanted to explain why Bitcoin needs very high growth levels for a long time if it is to become a serious contender as a payment system.

And by kill it, what we really mean is Rent Seeking legislation on the part of lending institutions lobbying Congress.


There are three young men in my office that work in our IT department, none of which are (nor have they ever been) married. They don’t seem especailly happy nor do they appear to be all that unhappy. I guess the best I could say of the three of them is that they are merely… content. They are content with their bachelor’s lifestyle of childless freedom. Content, but as I said, not particularly happy.

Over lunch one afternoon, nosey parker and happily married father that I am (and someone that likes to encourage Christian marriage) I decided to ask one of these young men why he hadn’t yet gotten married? I figured the answer would be more in line with “…well I haven’t found the right woman yet…” or “…I am not the marrying kind of man…” or “…well I don’t know what love is…” or “…no woman has said yes yet, do you have someone in mind?” that kind of thing. No, his answer was completely unexpected, something that makes perfect sense from an economics stand point in our frighteningly real world of the bottom line:

“Unfortunately all the girl’s I’m interested in owe way too much on their credit cards or student loans. So I can’t marry them.”

And number two and number three? Similar situations with their girl friends, too much debt, too much risk.

The wikipedia definition for Dowry is as follows:

A dowry is a process whereby parental property is distributed to a daughter at her marriage (i.e. inter vivos) rather than at the holder’s death (mortis causa). A dowry establishes some variety of conjugal fund, the nature of which may vary widely. This fund ensures her support (or endowment) in widowhood and eventually goes to provide for her sons and daughters.

It was supposed to be for her should she ever become widowed. It is not intended to be a BRIBE paid by the parents of the daughter to the would be son-in-law for releaving them the BURDEN of the financial support of their useless and not-fully-functioning adult daughter (who is incapable of supporting herself), but it is quite often used in that manner in parts of Asia. This was also pretty customary in many parts of Europe prior to the Victorian Era even among Christian marriages (particularly ones of greater wealth where the daughter in question was of questionable character.) The belief here was that marriage was good for women (perhaps better for women than for men), and that in some cases, it was necessary to financially COAX the would be son-in-law to marry that girl if he knew that it would (in someway) elevate his lifestyle financially.

So fast-forward to today. Here we are with so many women walking around with Anti-Dowry. They got the bachelor’s and master’s degrees in (what? who knows what?) and with that, $100K or more in student loans for their $42K a year office job. They have to have all the nice shoes and boots and purses and clothes and make up and perfume and jewelry and what-have-you (all at the mall) and because instant gratification quite often trumps delayed gratification (as does lunch out ever day as opposed to bringing a sandwich), you have a girl (age 26, maybe 27) with $29,000 of accumulated debt on her 5 Visa Gold cards (of which she only ever makes the minimum payment.)

Ouch. Anti-Dowry. What man wants to marry that? What man is deserving of that? That isn’t fair. I know life isn’t fair but egads?

Quite often marriage today for young men means making her financially whole. He is going to have to step in and square those debts that she has been accumulating in her single years while she was having fun. Worrying about how she was going to pay for those loans, if you ask a few of these women (as I have) the common response was usually… (giggle) “…Oh I just figured my husband would someday pay for all that.” (Wink and a nod.)


Given these parameters that many young people deal with today, it should come as no surprise that our marriage rate is dropping like a rock. I means seriously, how am I (a happily married man) able to sell marriage for young single men given that this is quite often the reality that they will be facing? I CAN’T. It is just not going to happen. What I find even more distressing is that these kids of conversations are probably not happening enough. I am not even sure my three co-workers have expressed their discomfort with the whole thing. But I know men. Men care about this. They may SAY that they don’t care, but they do. They are just saying that to the women they love want to marry to make them feel good. These are serious problems, problems that society has a way of fixing by way of the free market. And right now the free market is stipulating that marriage is not a hot commodity. It’s a buyers (buyer = men going down on bended knew with diamond) market, the seller (woman offering her hand) has to scramble.

And soceity suffers as a whole, for it.

Shut down the government…..

Just shut it down.  Absolutely, entirely, and completely, shut it down.  For all the people who waited til the last minute to get your passports, too bad.  Suffer.  This is more important.

We simply can not afford to fund the Affordable Care Act.  The Affordable Care Act is unaffordable.  We already have massive wealth transfer from young to old in the form of social security and medicare.  We don’t need another wealth transfer from young, single men (forcing them to buy something that they don’t need just to get them into the risk pool to make things cheaper for old people.)  This is ridiculous.

Everyone screams about climate change and hurting the environment really hurts our children.  I don’t know about that. But these government programs are nothing but generational theft.  We are stealing from our children.  Stealing from them.  That is all this is, simply because ordinary people are not responsible enough to save enough of their own hard earned wealth for their future healthcare needs.  That is all this AFA is all about…. 

We can’t have single payer in the United States because all research and development at big pharma would instantly END.  The US “for profit” health care system drives healthcare research and development for the entire world. 


If the US got on board with the inane British and the Canadians with their single payer systems (where the government could set the price for pills they way they do in the Commonwealth nations), there would be no way Pharmacutical companies could ever recoop their $100,000,000 investments in R&D for new lifesaving drugs.  So the rest of the world “sucks off” the United States willingness to have a for profit system.  (We discover it here so they socialists can have it THERE.)  If we did what THEY ALL DID then there would be none for anyone.  So we have to keep it for profit. 

I want them to shut the government down.  Republican Congressmen and women?  Don’t worry about your jobs.  Your constituents will LOVE YOU for doing this, they will.  Hold firm.  Give the Presidents and your fellow Congressmen nothing, nothing.  They get zero.  Do not fund the government, let it shut down, your children will love you for it, believe me.

Ariel Castro is now roasting in Hell

The Road to Perdition can sometimes be a very difficult concept for Christians to understand, let alone, accept. The belief that you can do something so horrible in the 50, 60, 80, or 100 years (or whatever it is) that the Good Lord grants you on this planet Earth before He calls you home that you would forfeit your spot in Heaven and banish your soul to the Lake of Fire from now until forever seems…. to me…. unimaginable. What is that exactly? What is the Lake of Fire? Is that eternal, never-ending pain from which there is no end, your soul held motionless in a bottomless pit of molten lava? Or if there is no physical pain, is Hell just an abstract place of eternal emptiness and loneliness? Is Dante right, are there really 9 levels to Hell? Which one of those 9 is now the warm and toasty home for Ariel?

As a Christian I believe in the Power of Christ saving my soul from eternal damnation. Praise be to God. Thank you for sending us your Son to die for us so that we may have ever lasting life (and be with You.) Okay so what about Ariel? He just threw away your greatest gift and took his own life. Where is the exact current location of his soul? Did he accept Your Son and our Lord as his Savior? Does Ariel get everlasting life? If not, is there any chance that we can get him out of whatever plane of Hell he currently resides? Or should we bother?

Ariel did a dispicable thing. He murdered two of his own children that he sired with three of his kidnapping victims, not to mention repeatedly raping these poor girls and keeping them hostage in Ariel’s own personal Hell of Ariel’s own creation there in Cleveland. 10 years of each of their mortal lives stolen from them, all because of Ariel’s Free Will choices. There is no question in my mind that at the moment of Judgement as he stands before God and He asks Ariel why he did these indefensible things, that the ultimate verdict for his soul is a residence far below where we all currently live.

Okay, so what is that exactly? I know for certain that I most definately do NOT want to go there and experience it, but are there any Biblical definitions of what Hell is exactly?


I am quite often amazed at such stupid decisions that are made by such immature people in what I would regard as a civilized world.  But when you get right down to it, the guilty party for many of these decisions boils down to one of those seven deadly sins, not the least of which is quite often the one sin that people look at as a virtue:




Just this evening, yours truly was banned from a blog by an immature little boy.  You see his pride has been hurt by something that I said on a blog where he was given moderator powers.  Now if what I said was profane or merely insulting, then he would have ignored it as he would have simply regarded me as being ignorant.  But this is not the case.  He banned me because of PRIDE.  What I said had some truth to it and the truth stings (quite often like a mother f-cker.)  Here is what this little boy (who has too much power) said to me…

You have been banned from this board until Fri Aug 30, 2013 3:44 am.

Please contact the Board Administrator for more information.

Reason given for ban: Don’t try to hide your stupidity.  Own it.

A ban has been issued on your username.

Meassage received, loud and clear.  I am now owning it.  And my ownership of it will be on this blog from now until forever so that YOU (you coward) may also OWN IT.   

Do you fire an assistant to please your spouse?

I’ve been thinking about this situation all weekend.

I’m at a kid’s party this afternoon (my daughter was invited to a birthday party) and the adults sit and chat while the kids are playing. And we start dicussing this issue. Set aside the legal/illegal aspects of what the denist did for one moment, set aside how the dental assistant feels about all of this (because her feelings aren’t really relevant at the moment) and try to imagine that you are married to this denist. Your spouse comes home one day and admits to you that he or she is starting to have intimate thoughts about a subordinate in the office. That is a real risky thing to do, something that only the strongest of marriages would be able to handle. Nothing has happened (yet) but your spouse is all but telling you that he or she MIGHT act on this if given the chance. So (because you love your spouse) you tell him or her that the dental assistant has got to go. Terminate the employment.

Would you do that? Is that a rational reaction?

Moreover, you are the denist. Your you just admitted that your hormones are going wild working with this woman. She leans in close and holds the suction tube and the floride and instead of focusing on the drill in your hand, you are staring down your dental assistant’s shirt and looking at the boobies. You can’t get her out of your mind, you know that you can’t resist, but you don’t want to lose your marriage over this. So you tell your wife. And your wife says to you, you want to stay happily married, let her go.

Would you do that? Is that a rational response to her reaction?

We like to think that as human beings living in the civilized world that we are so sophisticated and responsible that we would never act out on the most primal of instincts. All we have to do is talk about our feelings with the ones we love and listen to their concerns and everything would go alright. But that is clearly not the case here. Here we have a man saying he wants to f-&k his dental assistant and his wife is saying I KNOW you are going to f-&k her if given a chance, you better let her go right now. There is no fooling around here, fix this problem before it becomes a real problem, (nip it in the bud so to speak.) But by doing this, both parties are freely admitting that #1) she can’t trust him and #2) he should not be trusted. And they found their marriage on these parameters.

That doesn’t sound very healthy to me. But far be it for me to sit there and analyze their marriage. If this is what works for them then…. do what you have to do to make it work.

The question remains, do you fire an assistant to please your spouse? This could happen for any of us (that are married) if we found our subordinate attractive. I have an administative assistant. She does not work entirely for me (I share her with other people on my team) but I can make requests of her to help in my tasks at work. I can’t imagine my life such that I would find any assistant of mine attractive enough to jeapordize my marriage to wife (the way this dentist did) but if I did, and I told her about it, should I have my assistant fired?

Or are we (as sophisticated human beings living in the civilized world) expected to control our sexual urges and to simply “disconnect” those primal desires to protect the feelings of the ones we love?