Shut down the government…..

Just shut it down.  Absolutely, entirely, and completely, shut it down.  For all the people who waited til the last minute to get your passports, too bad.  Suffer.  This is more important.

We simply can not afford to fund the Affordable Care Act.  The Affordable Care Act is unaffordable.  We already have massive wealth transfer from young to old in the form of social security and medicare.  We don’t need another wealth transfer from young, single men (forcing them to buy something that they don’t need just to get them into the risk pool to make things cheaper for old people.)  This is ridiculous.

Everyone screams about climate change and hurting the environment really hurts our children.  I don’t know about that. But these government programs are nothing but generational theft.  We are stealing from our children.  Stealing from them.  That is all this is, simply because ordinary people are not responsible enough to save enough of their own hard earned wealth for their future healthcare needs.  That is all this AFA is all about…. 

We can’t have single payer in the United States because all research and development at big pharma would instantly END.  The US “for profit” health care system drives healthcare research and development for the entire world. 


If the US got on board with the inane British and the Canadians with their single payer systems (where the government could set the price for pills they way they do in the Commonwealth nations), there would be no way Pharmacutical companies could ever recoop their $100,000,000 investments in R&D for new lifesaving drugs.  So the rest of the world “sucks off” the United States willingness to have a for profit system.  (We discover it here so they socialists can have it THERE.)  If we did what THEY ALL DID then there would be none for anyone.  So we have to keep it for profit. 

I want them to shut the government down.  Republican Congressmen and women?  Don’t worry about your jobs.  Your constituents will LOVE YOU for doing this, they will.  Hold firm.  Give the Presidents and your fellow Congressmen nothing, nothing.  They get zero.  Do not fund the government, let it shut down, your children will love you for it, believe me.


14 responses to “Shut down the government…..”

  1. innocentbystanderboston says :

    So far, the world has not come to an end….

  2. Jen says :

    I agree. I do not understand the Republicans who seem to flee from the political beliefs of their base. They even seem to ridicule and undermine the few, like Cruz, Lee and Paul, who ARE willing to stand up for the conservative base. I am beginning to believe that most of the Republicans have been corrupted by power. We will see if they hold their ground or cave in on this battle over funding Obamacare.

    • innocentbystanderboston says :

      I think the Republicans get this way because they quite often can’t describe exactly why they are supposed to be Republicans. And that stems from the fact that many of them do not know history and would fail to properly describe many of the principles behind why certain laws were passed (and overturned) in this country.

      To be perfectly honest, this GOP should not be in any hurry (in the least) to try and fund this government. If they really knew their constituents, they would understand that shutting down the government (no matter what the media says) is a good thing, a right thing. Don’t give up the ship on this. Do NOT fund the government if it means they must fund the ACA. Shut it all down and don’t start it up again….

      • Jen says :

        The golf course at the base I work at has remained open…we were all worried about people being unable to golf during the Shutdown, weren’t we?

  3. innocentbystanderboston says :

    We have to keep the golf course open. It is necessary. Ask the President, he’s always on one.

  4. deMontjoie says :

    A near-term, limited, and somewhat controlled shut-down or contraction of government is the best outcome that we can hope for at this point. However, that will only happen if we have a functional form of republican government.

    Unfortunately, with the current simpleton of a poseur President and hugely dysfunctional Congress, the chances of a controlled crash are pretty-much nil.

    Our best hope is to brace ourselves in preparation for a HARD crash and a resultant cold shut-down of most governmental function. <:-(

    • innocentbystanderboston says :

      The Democrats will never EVER allow any kind of contraction. Ever. It is simply counter everything they believe about this country and our government’s role in marshalling it. We have to keep the government shut down and (possibly) start welching on the interest payments on the debt.

  5. Whitey Kilmeady says :

    I worry about Obamacare.

  6. deMontjoie says :

    Obamacare is just the latest cherry on top of the sundae that he is serving to
    us. Unfortunately, it is the dog-shit sundae of economic failure and societal collapse.

  7. rtp says :

    Sorry, but whilst the ACA is an abomination you couldn’t be more wrong about the pharmaceutical industry. At least 90 per cent of what they produce is worthless and/or dangerous. The problem with patents is that they distort funding for R&D from non-patentable products to patentable despite there being no a priori reason for thinking the latter is superior to the former. In medicine this problem is catastrophic as pharma companies institutionalise themselves and are allowed to follow the most outrageous protocols to have their products deemed ‘scientific’ whereas other products are deemed ‘pseudo-science’ simply because they don’t make trillions of dollars to afford as many lobbyists. One common protocol is the abuse of the term ‘placebo’ whereby a pharma company will compare a vaccine with a non-inert substance such as aluminium, an older vaccine, completely different vaccine etc and then claim that because the rate of side effects are similar the vaccine must be safe. They do the same with chemo drugs. Instead of testing their cytotoxins against saline or glucose they compare them against another round of chemo. If the patients in the new group die slower than the patients in the old group then the new drug is deemed a success! Now, to be fair to chemo it would be literally impossible for them to use a placebo (because the patients would wonder why they were the only ones not vomiting every 5 minutes and with hair intact) but that just goes to show that no science occurs at all and yet we are told over and over that chemo is ‘scientifically proven’. No it isn’t. There is quite literally no real science that shows chemo (or vaccines) work. The data for vaccines which purportedly shows they reduce diseases wasn’t double-blind and therefore can’t be assumed to be anything other than doctors relabelling diseases under the mistaken belief that vaccinated children can’t possibly get (or are less likely to get) the disease they have been vaccinated for.

    • innocentbystanderboston says :

      I let this go through. I was tempted to delete it when I came across your Jenny McCarthy-esque bimbo screed against vaccines (and everyone here is more stupid for having read it) but I decided to let this go through in the hopes that maybe you might use some common sense. I have a little bit of personal experience about chemotherapy, something you say does not work (no “real” science saying it works.) Without getting into too many details, I have way too many family members (both mine and the family I married into) that have been stricken with the Big-C and have had that horrible, HORRIBLE thing known as chemotherapy. And it is horrible. It is very expensive and it destroys your body, almost completely. It is poison, pure and simple….

      ….and this poison quite often (not always, but often) saves a Cancer patient from a certain death sentence. I have seen that in my family. Stage-4, and they are ALIVE because of the poisonous chemicals that raced through their body killing all the fastest reproducing cells, effectively killing the Cancerous cells before they spread to every organ, destoying every organ. That is the ONLY reason why they are alive (that and God.) But the chemo (for all its horrible destruction) saved a life.

      If you knew anything at all about the science of chemotherapy (or even a fraction of what I did) then you wouldn’t have wrote what you just did. If you had a family member that had Cancer and went on the chemo and didn’t make it, I am so very sorry. It doesn’t work all the time, no it doesn’t. But chemotherapy has saved millions and millions of lives.

      • deMontjoie says :

        Well-said IB!

        While it is true that many of our pharmaceuticals are designed with imperfect knowledge, they are developed with good intentions (yes, the profit-motive is an essential
        part of that) and are ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE better than anything that the world has ever seen before.

        Eventually, we should become wise and knowledgeable enough to have developed targeted gene-therapy that will cure cancer with little more than a pill. But that is likely to be many decades off.

        RTP — Please don’t criticize our current technology because it is imperfect. That’s a Luddite’s tactic.

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