Ariel Castro is now roasting in Hell

The Road to Perdition can sometimes be a very difficult concept for Christians to understand, let alone, accept. The belief that you can do something so horrible in the 50, 60, 80, or 100 years (or whatever it is) that the Good Lord grants you on this planet Earth before He calls you home that you would forfeit your spot in Heaven and banish your soul to the Lake of Fire from now until forever seems…. to me…. unimaginable. What is that exactly? What is the Lake of Fire? Is that eternal, never-ending pain from which there is no end, your soul held motionless in a bottomless pit of molten lava? Or if there is no physical pain, is Hell just an abstract place of eternal emptiness and loneliness? Is Dante right, are there really 9 levels to Hell? Which one of those 9 is now the warm and toasty home for Ariel?

As a Christian I believe in the Power of Christ saving my soul from eternal damnation. Praise be to God. Thank you for sending us your Son to die for us so that we may have ever lasting life (and be with You.) Okay so what about Ariel? He just threw away your greatest gift and took his own life. Where is the exact current location of his soul? Did he accept Your Son and our Lord as his Savior? Does Ariel get everlasting life? If not, is there any chance that we can get him out of whatever plane of Hell he currently resides? Or should we bother?

Ariel did a dispicable thing. He murdered two of his own children that he sired with three of his kidnapping victims, not to mention repeatedly raping these poor girls and keeping them hostage in Ariel’s own personal Hell of Ariel’s own creation there in Cleveland. 10 years of each of their mortal lives stolen from them, all because of Ariel’s Free Will choices. There is no question in my mind that at the moment of Judgement as he stands before God and He asks Ariel why he did these indefensible things, that the ultimate verdict for his soul is a residence far below where we all currently live.

Okay, so what is that exactly? I know for certain that I most definately do NOT want to go there and experience it, but are there any Biblical definitions of what Hell is exactly?


4 responses to “Ariel Castro is now roasting in Hell”

  1. Jen says :

    Thanks for this post. I agree with you about Ariel Castro. Believe it or not, there are those posting on the Internet that he was a man who was simply looking for a harmonious relationship with women….

  2. Whitey Kilmeady says :

    Ariel Castro is this decades John Wayne Gacey

  3. nudged says :

    Most Christian denominations believe in the everlasting hell deal, but some do not. Some believe in the annihilation deal. I don’t remember the term, but it means permanent death. Seven Day Adventists and a couple others believe in the annihilation deal. Specifically that when we die we kinda sleep until the resurrection time. When resurrected we then face judgement. Those with faith in Christ like you and me will pass through judgement. Those who do not have faith in Christ will be judged and found guilty for their sins. Then they experience a moment of great grief and then are permanently killed.

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